Attorney Training & Development Group
Mediation Services
for International Disputes

Thomas Consultants is a team of international legal professionals that has been providing support services to the Japanese international business community since 1995.  Our clients include Japanese lawyers and law firms, corporate legal departments and multinational companies.  We support our clients and foreign parties to succeed in their work together.

Gerald Thomas, the founder and president of Thomas Consultants, is a Canadian Barrister & Solicitor and has been living in Japan supporting Japanese and foreign companies for over 30 years. With his network of Japanese professionals, Thomas Consultants is able to provide foreign companies with the specialized expertise to successfully set up their business and establish their base in Japan. We provide the following market entry support services:

  • Market research and intelligence
  • Marketing and presentation services including translation and interpreting
  • Business design, set-up and registration
  • Office location consulting
  • Business partner and executive management search and support
  • Professional team-building:
    • legal, accounting, sales
  • Intellectual property expertise
    • patents and trademarks 

The Attorney Training & Development Group provides private attorney-to-attorney training, using our team of foreign attorneys to train Japanese attorneys in international legal English communication skills, such as legal writing, presentations, chairing meetings, and  cross-cultural negotiation strategies.
We are the only training company permitted to advertise our services in the official magazine of the Japan Bar Association.
The Legal Translation Group is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023. During this time we have been providing legal translations to many of Japan's leading law firms, and multinational corporations. 
Japan's national and local government organizations also use our translation services, and we were selected to provide the official English translations of the Japan Patent Act and Trademark Act.
The Legal Translation Group
For Japanese Lawyers
and Corporate Clients
Japan Market Entry Services for Foreign Corporations 
Gerald Thomas is a qualified and experienced mediator for international disputes between Japanese and foreign parties. He is the only foreign mediator registered with all of the Japan International Mediation Center, the Civil Mediation Center Osaka under the Japan Ministry of Justice, and the Japan Sports Arbitration Agency.

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