Our Company

One success story

TCI Mediation resolves a
partnership dispute

When the relationship of the founding partners of a growing high-tech visual arts company fell apart, anger and mutual distrust that had developed over a number of years prevented them from communicating effectively with each other.

  Gerald Thomas was called in to see if he could mediate a solution. Cutting through the acrimony, in six hours the two parties successfully worked through their differences and signed a positive and lasting settlement agreement to go their separate ways.

 "There was so much frustration and anger that we were barely talking to each other any more. Gerald came in and through him we could find a way out. Words just can't express how much I appreciated his warmth and positivity.  He helped us see new options.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

For over twenty years Gerald Thomas has dedicated himself to working with Japanese lawyers and corporate clients, supporting their work with foreign parties in a wide range of business and family matters.  As a mediator he combines advanced training and professional experience in behavioural psychology with his skills as an international lawyer and teacher, using his deep knowledge and broad communication expertise to work positively between Japanese and other parties. 

Our Vision

First established in 1995 by Gerald Thomas, a Canadian lawyer living in Japan, Thomas Consultants International Co., Ltd. was created to provide cross-cultural negotiation expertise, communication skills training and legal translation services to support the Japanese international legal community. Our clients include Japan's largest law firms, the legal departments of multinational corporations, and Japanese government agencies at all levels.  Due to our solid reputation for the highest quality and confidentiality, we were selected by the Government of Japan to provide the official English translations of the Japan Patent Act and the Japan Trademark Act.